WRKOBJ – Work with Objects

The Work with Objects – WRKOBJ command shows a list of objects from one or more given libraries.

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The object name, object type, library name, object attribute, and short text description for the object are shown for each listed object. The data attributes and the actual data in the object are not shown. From this list, several object-oriented options can be performed.

WRKOBJ - Work with Objects
WRKOBJ – Work with Objects


  • Only the libraries to which you have use (*USE) authority will be searched.
  • Only the objects to which you have some authority will be shown on the display.
  • If you are authorized to the Database Security Administrator function of IBM i (QIBM_DB_SECADM), all libraries will be searched and all specified objects will be shown on the display.
  • To perform operations on the objects, you must have *USE authority to the command used by the operation, and the appropriate authority to the objects on which the operation is to be performed.

Object (OBJ)

Specifies the objects to be shown on the Work with Objects display. This is a required parameter.

Object type (OBJTYPE)

Specifies the object type for objects to be shown.




This command displays the Work with Objects panel, showing all objects for which you have authority whose names begin with the letters ‘PAY’ and are located in library X.

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