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Change Current Library

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The current library (*CURLIB) is the first user library that is searched before the rest of the user libraries in the list when the system looks for an object.


If a user does not specify a library name when requesting an operation on an object, the libraries in the library list are searched for the object (starting with the system libraries, the current library, and the user libraries).


You can change the current library using CHGCURLIB command. The only required parameter value for this command is the name of the library that will become the new current library.however, the current library is only effective for a particular session. Next time, when a user signs on, this library will no longer be in their library list and hence, no longer the current library. It will be replaced by the default current library in the user profile. You can check your user profile by typing CHGPRF and entering F4. It is advised not to change any value in the user profile if you are a novice user.

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