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Overview of IBM green screen (5250 Terminal)

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The 5250 terminal emulator, or green screen, is your interface when working with an AS/400. Here is its main menu.

Main Menu
Main Menu

Here are some general guidelines about working with this screen:

  • If you enter an illegal keystroke, a red XII appears, as shown in the screen above. Press the Ctrl key to clear it.
  • To use function keys above F12, press the Shift key simultaneously with a function key; for example, for F16 press Shift and F4.
  • All commands are menu driven, or you can enter them on the command line.
  • Use the Tab key to move to the underscored areas that designate input, or click them with your mouse.
  • You will use F3 and F12 quite regularly to back out of a menu, to navigate back, or to “close” the screen you are on.
  • Press F1 on any field for context-sensitive help.
  • If you don’t know the name of a command, type the first few letters followed by an asterisk ( * ); for example, type STR* to list all the commands that start with STR.
  • To list the options of any command, type it and then press F4.
  • The name of the menus will sometimes be listed in blue in the upper-left; to return to them, enter GO MENUNAME.
  • Commands will also sometimes be listed at the top; to use that command again later, just enter the command.
  • To stop a command that is hung, right-click the screen, click SYSREQ, press Enter, and then use the Menu to end the command.

AS/400 sign on screen

Below figure shows a normal Sign-On screen. The upper right corner of the sign-on screen displays information that identifies the system, subsystem, and display device(or display station). A display device is the workstation hardware (monitor and keyboard) that you use to communicate with the system.


To sign on and start an interactive job, a user must type his or her username and password. A user name is one to 10 characters long; the security administrator determines its value according to the standards of the installation. The user name may be a simple first initial and last name combination, such as YRANGANA. Or it may be a more symbolic code, perhaps indicating the user’s location or department.

Signing Off

  • Press <F3>until you see a command prompt, ===>.
  • At the command prompt type SIGNOFF or 90.
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