WRKJOBQ – Work With Job Queues

The Work with Job Queues – WRKJOBQ command shows the overall status of all job queues or the detailed status of a specific job queue. Also, this command allows the user to work with the overall status of all job queues that match the qualified generic name specified. The status of the queues may change […]

Create Library and Source Physical Files

Although most system functions can be invoked directly by using CL commands, it is generally easier for novice users to take menu paths to describe the task to perform and then let the system choose for appropriate command. For example, let’s use the menu path to create a library. If you entered a 4 (for […]

AS400 Control Language

The AS/400 Control Language (CL) is a scripting language for the IBM AS/400 mid range platform bearing a resemblance to the IBM Job Control Language and consisting of an ever-expanding set of command objects (*CMD) used to invoke traditional AS/400 programs and/or get help on what those programs do. CL can also be used to […]